Jemputan Ke Event Antabax Debuts ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’, A Malaysian 1st Reality Show That Reintroduces Traditional Games & Teaches Good Hygiene

Semalam dapat lagi jemputan ke majlis perlancaran event untuk mengambil pengisian program Antabax Debuts "Lat-Tali-Lat" A Malaysian 1st Reality Show That Reintroduces Traditional Games & Teaches Good Hygiene. Dapat email ni:

Dear Akmar,
Media Advisory
Antabax Debuts ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’, A Malaysian 1st Reality Show That Reintroduces Traditional Games & Teaches Good Hygiene

‘Lat-Tali-Lat Tali Tam Plom’ – do you remember this familiar refrain from your childhood? Unfortunately in this digital age of smartphones, tablets and laptops filled with interactive games, the rich heritage of traditional games is rapidly being lost.

Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range of body and hand wash products that provides 24-hour protection against 99.9% of germs has taken the lead to reintroduce traditional games to children who are digital natives.

The game show, a Malaysian first that uses traditional games to teach good hygiene is aptly titled ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ and will air from October 6 on ASTRO Ceria, Channel 611. It features 24 children and their parents who will compete in different traditional games with one team winning the grand prize of more than RM15,000.  It is hosted by award-winning comedic duo, Jambu, packed with healthy competition as well as health and hygiene tips, it will have audiences cheering their favorite teams on.

Nostalgic, educational and rich in heritage ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ will make ideal family time viewing, and may even keep children away from phones, tablets and game consoles for long enough to help them rediscover the joy of social interaction with other children and adults, and to get physically active.

We would like to invite a journalist & photographer from your publication to an afternoon of nostalgic fun at the official launch of Antabax ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’:-

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
2:30pm – 4:30pm

Media Arrival, Registration and Playtime with Traditional Games! 
Welcome and Introduction 
The Antabax ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ Initiative, Reintroducing Traditional Games for Better Social Interaction and Hygiene
Mr. Francis Ng, General Manager, Household and Personal Care, Marketing Division, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd 
Official Launch of Antabax ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ Reality Game Show 
Overview of Antabax ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’
Jambu, the hosts of Antabax Lat-Tali-Lat 
Media Q&A 
Refreshment and Ends

We look forward to seeing you, and will be calling you shortly to follow up.

Invitation issued on behalf of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd by About Communication Sdn Bhd. To confirm attendance or for media enquiries, please contact Samuel Tan (012.635.8xxx), Nabila Yahya or Retna Vijayan (012.639.8xxx) or 03.8075.6xxx or email xxx

Macam best lah pulak. Nak PERGI!!! Siap ada rancangan realiti bersama Astro. Nak tanya boleh bawak Qashrin sekali tak. Hahaha. Tapi kalau bawak karang tak menjadi kerja Mummy. Tapi, masalahnya jadi ke nak ke KL ni. InsyaAllah tengah plan nak ke KL.

Ada blogger yang lain dapat invitation sama tak? Kalau ada PM saya. Nanti boleh ada geng boleh ber-lat tali lat tali tamplom. =p~

Mummy Akmar