Happy 32nd Birthday Shima@Mama Achik

Yeay! Today is my dearest sister's birthday. She is turning 32 years young today and celebrating her birthday in SDMC. Dia dah demam 3-4 hari and she just wanted to leave it to the doktor katanya! Sebab dia dah taklarat makan ubat she seems doesn't okay at all.

Since she was admitted to SDMC yesterday night, mcm biasalah Opah kene lah pergi untuk tengok anak dia yang ke-7 ni. Well, and definitely my daughter has to follow her *sob sob*. Terpaksalah Mummy pergi rumah Pak Nek.

Takperlah, this entry basically dedicated to her. Specially to my dearest sister Shima!! Happy 32nd Birthday!! (Even though, kau celebrate dalam bilik wad). Hahaha! You wanna know what's your birthday gift? Haa tu yang datang dengan mak ke KL tu. El Qashrin Qaisara will be in KL for one week. Excited giler Qashrin tahu nak jalan-jalan ke KL. Dia siap cakap "nak jumpa mama achik, nak jumpa abang yen, abang edry, Ayah Yob". Excited, ready dengan dolls dia dan juga Barbie bag dia.

So this time, I am gonna share few photos of my sister and me. From small, till we get married and until now. Gitu...Hahaha.. Yes.. We bitch about ourselves alot. We had our cat fight alot. We used to scream and scratch alot. But this is what makes us so close until today. I know that you hope that you gonna be the youngest in the family, but so sorry that God has brought me to the world so that I can make the whole family in chaos! Hahahaha...

She is my the greatest support system besides my mom and she still are. Thank you for being there for me, my ups and downs! Mwah mwah mwah! Hahaha! I wish I could be there in KL with Qashrin and visit you in the ward. Hoping that you will be happy always, be blessed by Allah SWT, stay young and gorrrrgeous always! XOXO

Here are my photos with my sisters since we were small until now! How I wish I wanna share all of the photos yang lain-lain, zaman kegemilangan kita di University! Haha. The good old tacteam.

 Our photos together when we were so small. She was 4years old and I was 2. I had my chicken pox and being taking care by my eldest sister as Mak and Abah went to Japan and Korea for their business trip. They bought us this Alice in Wonderland outfit and also 2 minnie mouse (the big ones for shima and another smaller on for me). Heheks. (Muke Mummy macam Qashrin je dalam pic ni)

 This is on  my engagement day with all of my sisters. The eldest one on the right, 2nd sister on the left and shima was seated infront of my.

 Both of us taking photos on my solemnization day. She just got married for 1 year I guess.

 Us on my baby shower party 7 months baby in my tummy. My most strong support system here. Being there for my rough journey having my pregnancy alone.

 With my best friend forever. Raff! who been there to give support to me. Thank you babe. Love this pic so much! Xoxo

 With Mak..Exactly one week before giving birth.
We had to go Mahkamah Syariah Kajang untuk selesaikan kes lafaz cerai. Shima had to hold my hands and bring me to the front to be seated infront of the judge. All of us wearing black jubah from Mekah as in not looking back anymore and move forward. She got to changed her jubah at Pavillion in the restaurant called Celadon. Sebab lunch dulu before we are heading to Kajang. Thank you sis!

 Shima and my dearest 1day old baby. Taking incharge for awhile as I am still not capable to even sit. Sakit nye C-Sect! :(

Both of us giving the most warm hugs and kisses to our dearest baby girl. Mwah mwah mwah..
(suruh ichin nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday, dia pandai nyanyi) 

Mummy Akmar


chii said...

so sweet je. lgi2 pic time kecik2 tu..mesti menggamit nostalgia lama kan..hik hik..

anyway..happy birthday yg ke 32 for ur dearest sis..semoga dipanjngkn umo, dimurahkan rezeki n happy2 alwiz ya...

Mummy Akmar said...

hi chii...

a ah kite berdua slalu cat fight. biasala i yg bongsu mesti dapat lebih sikit kan? hahaha

thanks for the wish!

budak felda said...

hepi bbesday hehhe..;)

Mummy Akmar said...


daddydee said...

Hepi Besday...Semoga bahgai selalu..

Mummy Akmar said...

tenkiu daddycool!

Kulanzsalleh said...

happy birthday..
kegembiaraan adik-beradik nampak jelas.. gambar lama tu pasti mengimbas kenangan manis bersama :)

Mummy Akmar said...

Thanks Kulanzsalleh

Anonymous said...

Mummy Rayyan,

Happy B'day to ur dearest sister wish she had a great n blast one..suke tgk picture korg mase kecik..i tell u wut u dgn ur sister gap 2 yrs je while myself with my eldest sister 10yrs gap..so cat fight kite org lg mencabar, hehehe..i'm da youngest too dear..i got 4 siblings je..my eldest sister, elder brother, brother n myself..u ade ramai sure meriah rayer ni kan...kite org ade 4 je bila ade yg turn umah in law sunyi umah my mum so yg youngest ni la selalunye memecahkan kesunyian itu, kekeke...

Mummy Akmar said...

Ahahaha..kiteorangnye cat fight sampai mak weoll kejar dgn kayu gold..dasyat tak dasyat..

oo u bongsu gak ke? sure manjeeee!

Mummy Akmar said...

*kayu golf

Hidayah Bach said...

hehehe sweet aje..
muka pun dekat nak sama dah..!

moga2 ur sis cepat sembuh ek..!

nama ur sis sama dgn nama sista in law kita la..

terpikir since u org ipoh kan..
entah2 kenal..hehe..

shima jugak namanya..
femes gak dulu tu .. haha..
sekolah convent... ermm...mmy qashrin skool kat ne ek dolu2?

Mummy Akmar said...

both of us dari Main Convent..Haha..shima tu duduk Bercham ke?

Shima Ahmad Tah said...

Thanks my dearest sista

Mummy Akmar said...

You welcome sista!

Hidayah Bach said...

err..dulu family in law ada umah kat tambun.
erm , tak salah convent yg kat parade tu ek..?
main convent kan panggil..
hahah..entah2 kenal..!
hafizatul shima namanya..
tapi dia skrg dgn hubby dia dok kat selangor dah..
family in lawa pun dah pindah kl nih..
keluarga polis..

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